You have a college buddy who lives several states away. Through the years, you’ve drifted apart. Interestingly, the reason for this isn’t for lack of contact.

In fact, it’s a result of the contact.

You see, your old friend has risen high in the ranks of a multi-level marketing business. Invariably, every conversation you’ve had in the past decade has been a sales pitch. While you’re not against your friend or the company, the conversation always gets awkward as you try to find a way to say no nicely. Even if you ever needed the product, you’d probably go elsewhere just to avoid becoming even more of a sales target to this person whom you truly respect. If you and your friend had ever had more meaningful conversations besides “here’s what my company can do for you,” you’d probably become a client just out of kindness. As it is, however, your schedule is just too full to face the no-time-for-chit-chat advertising.

What can we learn from this? Simple: people respond to relationships, not rhetoric.

When it comes to marketing your  business by means of email, it’s crucial to think like a consumer. Even though email marketing is a gold mine of potential, it has the capacity to slam shut the doors you were counting on before they were able to be opened for you.. No matter how much you’re paying to reach your leads regularly, if you aren’t wise about how you approach this relatively new form of marketing, you could be inadvertently turning people off and disqualifying yourself. All the while, you’ll think you’re generating great leads. In order to make sure your email marketing campaign is truly achieving what you dreamed it would, here are five simple steps you need to keep in mind.

1. Figure out your purpose for email marketing.

email_marketing_purposeThe prerequisite to any effective endeavor is vision. First, determine why you are developing an email marketing program. Do you know? Is it because your competitors are doing it, or the guy down the hall just got big kudos for his? If so, you probably won’t last long; email marketing done effectively takes some serious work. Is it because your marketing budget is bursting at the seams and you need to find a place to spend it? I doubt it. Is it because you need a way to stay connected with your leads and generate new ones? If so, then read on. Email marketing is an extremely efficient way to keep your name from becoming nothing more than a fuzzy memory in the backs of your leads’ minds. By providing them with timely, non-spam email that they’ve opted in to receive, you can smoothly provide them with valuable information. In the process, you’ll prove that you have the expertise they need, leading them to call on you when they need business advice or refer you to their friends who do.

2. Focus on expanding your reach.

If you’re just starting your email marketing campaign, consider using your current contacts as sources of new leads. Your family, email_marketing_reachfriends, neighbors, fellow church members, and even fellow parents of the Little Leaguers probably could all send a solid lead or two your way at some point in time. By adding these existing contacts to your email campaign, you can avail yourself of their spheres of influence – provided you take the next steps seriously.

3. Free yourself from musty marketing.

facebookThe truth is, most people aren’t big on commercials. To the average Joe, an ad is a necessary evil that connects the segments of the basketball game together. To organized, tidy Jane, ads are the easy choices to flick into the wastebasket – or, for email, the trash folder. If you use old print marketing tactics in your email campaign, you can be sure your subscribers will soon trash them without opening them until they finally unsubscribe. In today’s social media world, most people seek either relationships or information. Usually, the information they’re seeking isn’t “Who should I sign to sell my home.” Sure, a very small percentage of people may be asking that question, but even for those who are considering selling, constant bombardment of emails with your cheesing mug won’t be sufficient to convince them you’re the one for the job, not even if you guarantee you’re the best. Instead, your email campaign should have relevant content that speaks to their needs. Instead of focusing on your business, think like the consumer. Before you hit “Send,” think: does this email treat each reader as a person, with important needs and questions? Does it offer anything of value, or does it simply treat them as leads who can generate me a commission? If you’re regularly focusing on either your relationship with the subscribers or with relevant information, you can be sure that they will be reading it.

4. Find content that anyone can appreciate.

One thing that can make an email marketing campaign confusing is the fact that all your leads are at different places in their lives. email_marketing_contentSome of them are renting and would love to buy their own homes someday. Other are landlords with multiple properties. Some are young newlyweds in starter homes. Others are their parents who are considering downsizing or purchasing a second home in the mountains. Can you address the needs of each of these demographics? Sure! Just provide plenty of varied content through the weeks addressing as many needs and questions of each of these groups as you can. Not only will you gain the interest of a broad range of prospects, you will trigger referral processes. “Wow, this is a great article about how to handle delinquent renters. I’ll have to forward it to my dad…” When Landlord Dad reads his daughter’s forwarded email, he automatically becomes a new lead. If he signs up, he’s yet another person that you now have the chance to influence.

5. Fuel your audience’s enthusiasm.

email_marketing_target_audienceAs you gain a following, draw upon your audience for inspiration and circulation. Invite questions from your audience, and promote referrals by sponsoring contests. As long as you are truly providing free, valuable content, your readers shouldn’t have any qualms about referring your business to a friend. Email marketing, when used wisely and considerately, can be a better marketing tool than you dreamed was possible. Implement these five tips to make sure your friends stay friendly and bring along some more pals on the way. Image source.

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